Monday, April 18, 2016


clicked on the blog to look for an older post this morning and was a little surprised the page view meter read 25K and growing...

From the first posting in 19th October 2013, this "craft-talk" blog slowly became part of "self-pleasing" things in life--sometimes to think that a guy who basically lives in "CRAFT-DESERT" has been able to write for almost 3 years now is quite "bull shiting"...
Of course--25k organic growth is nothing if you were to notice those International Blog/Website which easily surpassed few millions or tens of millions page view/followers within weeks of opening.

既然自己爽--就爽到底吧--上次10K时候刚好遇到曼谷“米吧”有THREE FLOYDS的占领啤酒泵活动--在曼谷喝到11个FFF的鲜啤--能不爽吗?
这次25K--怎么也要算上下个月8号开始的哥本哈根啤酒庆典--也要扯上在WARPIGS专门为HILLFARMSTEAD 举行的HILLFARMSTEAD DAY--更加要扯上CBC 2016那两天疯狂极致的美好啤酒飨宴。
Yes--writing this blog and creating/updating "craftbeer_art" FB has become a way of life--if anything--the only thing i don't understand is that--did Mark Zuckerberg not know that not many craft beer business would spend on advertising? so why keep asking me( the poor blogger who actually need crowd funding or sponsorship for multiple dream trips to US/EUROPE) to advertise with FB? I don't have a reason to advertise and i don't have the Budget   :)
Bull shit aside--i guess a little bit of "self-pleasing" is ok by noting that the last time when i posted a remark about Page View was back in October 2014--when the blog first hit passed 10K mark--that was celebrated with a Three Floyds tap takeover in Mikkeller BKK.
To hit 25K 3 weeks before Copenhagen Beer Week, Hillfarmstead Day and the main evenr---Copenhagen Beer Celebration is probably the biggest self-pleasing act i could pull off....:)

Cheers to all you beer geeks out there....

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

WEEK 74---what's your IMPACT BEERS?

Drinking craft beer can be a little bit like climbing mountain, there's curves and slopes to overcome along the way--some call it the palate building process--others not so sure what the heck it's all about--but one thing is sure--that from DAY 1 when you started drinking craft beer--to however long it might be now--there will bound to be some beers that would influence your palate/choices/ like or dislike---or even your view/belief of craft beer.

Of course--as you move forward in seeking more beers--there shall be some new beers that would have more impact on you than maybe some older favourites--but whatever it may be--some beers would stay with you for a long long time--these are what i call the IMPACT  BEERS..

this week--while recalling some beers which lasted vivid memories on my palate--maybe it's time you too revisit/recall which are some of your Impact Beers?

The Early period
I was lucky to have tasted some really good Belgium beers here in KL some 7 or 8 years ago--when this city is truly a craft desert--there's only 1 restaurant in town that import small volume of Belgium beers from the likes of de la Senne/St. Martin/Lefebvre 
These 4 were undoubtedly the big impact beers(thanks to Manu the owner for kindly sharing his personal collection in half half pour!)
#ROCHEFORT 8—比利时啤酒中最被称誉的修道院风格酿品,特有麦芽酵母焦糖融和风味让人难忘。
#WESTVLETEREN 12—那时候完全不知这是被誉为世上最佳啤酒的瓶子,只知是厉害修道院啤酒,味蕾被撼动,说不出的好喝。
#STRUISE PENNEPOT GRAND RESERVA—旧式风格烈啤,从靠近法国边境小渔村延伸出来的比利时酿品,层次丰富多变,富含深色果实之外的桶陈美味。
#STRUISE BLACK DAMNATION-MOCHA BOMB—酿坊的玩味之作,以自家黑啤BLACK ALBERT加入不同食材後再熟成的陈酿,当时最震撼味蕾的当属这支。
Rochefort 8--this is one of the earliest Trappist beer i had, and it certainly open up my palate.
Westvleteren 12--of course i have NO IDEA this is consistently being touted as the best fxxking beer in the world--i just felt shaken palate wise--like don't bloody know how to describe but just know very well that this is a very tasty beer.
Struise Pennepot Grand Reserva 2005---had this in December 2011, it's the first ever grand reserva i ever had--and this is what i noted on the "old" FB--unexpected pleasant surprise to have shared/tasted does one go back.. having tasted one of the finest..?"
Struise Black Damnation series--Mocha Bomb--this is by far the biggest beer i felt at that time--it was just amazing--like chewing on chocolate! note on the "old FB"---"its called mocha bomb--its actually a stout--but the taste has given the meaning of stout a complete turn around....what a treat!!!-but where to find another one?"

The Search period
#The Lost Abbey Carnevale---三人品酒会中,啤迷朋友点的“收尾酒”,这支SAISON开拓了眼界,原来酿得精彩的“淡”口味啤酒可以那么富层次风味。
#Mikkeller Beer Geek Breakfast—至今仍觉得是酒精度8%或以下STOUT的指标性酿品,不少7-10%之间的黑啤都感觉不够香醇,甚至水水的,更彰显这支“低度黑啤”功力。(这之后,更高酒精度的啤迷系列BRUNCH WEASALVANILLA SHAKE---美国PRAIRIE BOMBALESMITH SPEEDWAY STOUT,比利时STRUISE BLACK ALBERT都带来重大影响)
The lost abbey--Carnevale--had this as "end beer" during a tasting/sharing in Tokyo back in 2014--i would have never ordered this beer having no clue about what a SAISON can do--thanks to Neil for suggesting this beer--it totally opened up my mind and palate about what a nice saison can do....
Mikkeller Beer Geek Breakfast--this for me is THE benchmark for stout lower than 8%--personally i dislike stout that's watery/or taste like a watered-down coffee--a stout should have a certain thickness/ smoothness & richness--that's how i like it--and this beer is one of the earliest stout variants we could find regularly some 4 years ago locally--and it has stick on--for me this is one stout which taste better than some stouts that's even higher in abv.
*of course--during those time--some other stouts has shown their impact too--including:-
Mikkeller Beer Geek Brunch weasal+ Vanilla Shake+Texas Ranger(spicy & nice !)
Priarie Bomb 
Alesmith Speedway Stout
Struise Black Albert

#Mikkeller Nelson Sauvin---介于香槟和白葡萄酒之间的啤酒,让人了解到啤酒原来可以那样玩,有趣好喝。
#To Ol Black Maria--- 
#To Ol Black Ball—
#Yeastie Boys Rex Attitude---
#Three Floyds Zombie Dust 
ALPHA KING---美国盛名酿坊的单酒花和多酒花大作,多亏曼谷“米吧”,2014年尾“占领啤酒泵”活动上喝到“鲜啤”版本,均衡好喝。

Mikkeller Nelson Sauvignon--it was certainly an eye and palate opener this one--never tasted anything like this before--a beer which taste like champagne + sauvignon? i need more of this( it's been toooo long KL never seen the return of this beer!)
To Ol  Black Maria--til now still one of my favourite Black IPA--just too bad KL have not seen any TO OL for the last 2 years plus.
To Ol Black Ball--by thoery--a Porter is supposed to be less "thick" less "rich"than a stout--but try this--and you would beg to disagree..
Yeastie Boys  Rex Attitude---the most interesting part about this beer from New Zealand is about the SMELL--the heavy peaty/smokey/Iodine like smell--which most whisky drinkers can relate to but not beer drinkers--the beer itself is very light--easy to drink--only challenge is the nose--personally i found it very useful as a "joker"beer--if you play cards--it's good as a starter or middle change of palate beer--or as end beer---suit yourself.
Three Floyds Zombie Dust & Alpha King---the highly rated single hop and multi hops American Pale Ale--to be able to drink emmm on tap in Mikkeller Bangkok was quite insane!
*i should also mention Yeastie Boys Golden Perch--a very pleasant beer that was specially brewed for the premier of the movie "THE HOBBIT" in NZ--it's light and easy but with layer and body--but sadly no longer in brew.
Some latest impact:-
LAMBIC & Sours
The biggest impact recently was about discovering and embracing the whole new world of lambic/sours --especially the grand masters from Belgium--the impact these sour liquid has on the palate and appreciation level is far and deep.
LOW ABV beer
This is something quite hard to find in Asia--with most drinkers looking for hops attack or strong abv sensation--but having tried a few--it totally blew my mind--that a beer with such low percentage of alcohol can be so tasty when it could easily been brush off as tasteless/no kick/no taste beer.
some impact beers i had:-
Hillfarmstead Clara at 4% abv
Jester King Le Petite Prince & Princess--both at 2.9%
The Kernel Table Beer--below 4%
#酒精度4%以下,仿佛“淡如水”的TABLE BEERLAMBIC之外对一贯只关注IPASTOUT重口味饮客的味蕾考验,个人“影响啤”包括Hillfarnstead ClaraLe petite Prince & PrincessThe Kernel table beer等。
Having grown bored of hops forward/attack focus IPAs--it was quite refreshing to have tasted both Heady Topper & Pliny The Elder side by side here in KL--both beers just wipe off the negativity about ipa which were building up--now i can use some really balance--well made IPAs again.
#美国两大IPAHEADY TOPPERPLINY THE ELDER,平衡美味口感让对只强调苦味啤酒感觉疲惫的我从新发现IPA的美好。
Something very newly discovered--it's still a big issue trying to find some form of constant supply here in ASIA--as of now there's only some available in Mikkeller Bangkok--and some in Singapore--but mead is really something different from any beer styles we have had so far--it's definitely worth chasing after for--no matter how short in supply it can be for the time being....